The Shocking Obama Prediction That Everyone Missed, But Came True

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45 thoughts on “The Shocking Obama Prediction That Everyone Missed, But Came True

    1. Obama like the presidents before him simply did as they were told. They are
      not in control so stop putting all the responsibility on his shoulders. The
      president is like the mascot for a team.

    2. It’s not like he had a choice. Your next president will level it to 40

      Unless you have prepared for a financial collapse of the economy and
      prepared for the revival of it 5-8 years down the line.

  1. @MikeMeloney……Your right about this.What about gold going to $1000 and
    silver to $13 is that still in your prediction before they go to the

    1. There is no way he can expand much further… 66 trillion total debt
      (private + public)… neither can China, neither can Japan, neither can
      most European countries… game over until the end of the year…

    1. Xatos1337 If he dismantles the US Wehrmacht and keeps just the defensive
      military, probably no new debt. Not going to happen. The Fourth Reich will
      implode due to economic collapse.

    2. +Xatos1337 Your original question is, “Question: How much debt this time,
      for the next 8 years?” I DO NOT see you asking for citations you fucking


  2. The fed is the largest holder of the debt and the fed does not have any
    money to loan. They just do a few key strokes and pull the money out of
    thin air. This is the collapse when debt and money are pulled out of thin

  3. The Illuminati are out of control of the situation, Obama was just their
    mascot, messenger, the social worker that had to bring hope to a nations
    population which had lost faith and was down kissing the canvas.

  4. With all due respect, this was an incredibly easy prediction to make.
    Bush Jr: +101% increase in the debt
    Bush Sr: +54% increase in the debt (but only served one term)
    Reagan: +186% increase in the debt
    Carter: +43% increase in the debt (but only served one term)
    Nixon/Ford: +98% increase in the debt

    Since the US got off the gold standard, the national debt has always
    roughly doubled every Presidential term. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but
    to call this a “shocking” prediction that “everyone missed” is an enormous
    stretch. The same thing will happen under Trump.

    1. +Deathbydebt
      Fair enough, but those people don’t care about economics at all. Anybody
      who has ever thought about the national debt at all knows that it roughly
      doubles every Presidential term. The Obama administration was business as
      usual as far as the national debt is concerned.

    2. unless Trump gets rid of the Federal Reserve but I do not see that
      happening. He has talked about “auditing” the the Federal Reserve so who
      knows exactly what that even means.

    3. +LacusTheDestroyer You are right 8 years ago the ballooning debt would be
      the least of my concerns. I guest people need to be reminded every now and
      then how dangerous a central bank is to their life liberty and property.
      Jefferson warned us and Jackson fought them now they own our lives.

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