The Struggle is Real But There is Reason For Hope – Jeff Berwick at The NABC

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36 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real But There is Reason For Hope – Jeff Berwick at The NABC

  1. The CIA is going down. Finally. And all the organized world wide murder and plunder they have cause will end. Their partners in crime like the Vatican, MI6,  and Israel, will also come to an end.

  2. It’s over! We’re just living in the future. No need to fight, to struggle, to have revolution… just gotta be the change and speak the truth! Thx for bringing your message to the conference and the masses Jeff!

  3. Well ma’am, we’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it…
    Well ma’am, we’ve given you decentralized money, if you can keep it!
    (Lets hope we’ve Learned our lesson and never let anyone have control of crypto currency)

    1. Henrikas Papievis hahahaha…who are you a YouTube troll…stack g others for their support in a better future for All?

      I bet you kiss your mom with that mouth too.

      I got mad love for you my brother….you obvozly need love a it more than I do.


    2. Henrikas Papievis hahahahaha… I actually get comedy relief for ignorant individuals… when your ready to grow and expand.. look me up.. I still be there for brother

  4. Spot on..Evolution is a fraud…pushed by Darwin who befriended Karl Marx. They dont like to teach that part for some reason. Its meant to have the state (small elitist cabal)and not God as the highest authority.

    1. GTOberfest Worse than evolution is evolution + Big Bang. If such a thing as a Big Bang happened then it would be absolutely and positively be sterilized of any living thing … a perfectly sterile universe. Darwin and evolution ignore the fact that spontaneous generation was disproven in 19th century. Today it is generally accepted to have been decisively dispelled during the 19th century by the experiments of Louis Pasteur. Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species” and Pateur disproved spontaneous generation about the same time. Today, microbiology and genetics has shown the complexity of DNA, which is just one part of an even more complex cell. That cell can only derive from another living cell which is impossible to come out of a sterile Big Bang galaxy

    2. Robert Lefebvre Haven’t heard that one yet but sounds completely logical…Pretty much most of what is taught nowadays is pure fiction and propaganda. Good to see others who can think clearly and critically.

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