The Trump Deception: Planned Collapse and World War III w/ Jeff Berwick on Caravan to Midnight

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Jeff is interviewed by John B Wells for the Caravan to Midnight radio show. Topics include: the real fake news, Anarchapulco, Trump a carefully selected Trojan war horse, expanding and deepening the swamp, the suppression of facts to control the voting population, is the USA evil? propaganda and fear, EMP drill in New York, Iran the bad guy? everything we have been taught is a lie, government indoctrination, world war 3? the events surrounding the Shemitah, numerology, growing oppression, storing and handling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, life in Mexico vs the US, The TDV Summit and Anarchapulco.

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72 thoughts on “The Trump Deception: Planned Collapse and World War III w/ Jeff Berwick on Caravan to Midnight

  1. The last president invaded 10 countries, that’s more than any past president, yet, you call him a peace lover.
    This one hasn’t started a war yet, and he’s a war monger. People are crazy.

    1. +Brooklyn Sarcozi Yeah,and I will say it again…He won the Nobel Peace Prize! The ONLY President to have us in wars ALL EIGHT YEARS he was in office wins a Nobel Peace Prize! I Sure as HELL wish someone could explain THAT to me!

    2. He does not have to start any. All he has to do is manage the ones in place same as the last one. All president are warmongers. Comes with the job. Got to have a bad guy somewhere. Your country their country does not matter as long as you have one.

    1. Second time watching this not sure if I made it all the way through the first time but got 45 minutes into video this time and realized both parties are not so sure about the largest issues and concede towards everything is fake or a put on. so I lost interest.

    2. +nevada smith only if you pay attention to their bs(belief system). Always something going wrong and nothing being fixed, when it supposedly is, something else pops up.

  2. NSA terrorists are quite literally selling our country to the devil, or at least deep state psychopaths who believe in the devil, just for a bit of taxpayers chump change.

    While we work to build the economy with our underpaid jobs, these treasonous criminals are creating a surveillance state with triple our salary in (our own) tax money, aimed at stripping freedom and creating widespread corruption.

    My mom escaped a communist country so she saw firsthand what happens after a country wide surveillance program is installed. The next step is the military and police going door to door taking guns, people, and property as they see fit.

    I hope the terrorists working at the nsa, fbi, Dea and other surveillance terrorists answer to whatever God exists when they die. These evil people deserve the same fate as the Nazi SS officers. And they do it under the guise of “protecting the country” when in fact they are dismantling it. Just like the Nazi regime. They used the same excuse. And yet these treasonous filth think they’re “heroes” “protecting” and watching their neighbors’ kids as they shower naked. As if these tax eating burdens are providing an important service LOL.

    Still a grand total of ZERO terror attacks stopped by the nsa. But the number of rights stolen is countless.

    True evil.

    1. “Dogs Sing” you are 100% incorrect. NSA is military intelligence that “was” infiltrated by “operatives” of the global elites, the same as CIA, FBI, DOJ, Congress, and Executive branch until President Trump won the 2016 election and proceeded to eradicate the cabal’s ANARCHY.

    2. +Him Pim The first documented people in the Western Hemisphere were Aborigine. 40,000 years ago. The Siberian crossover people came; killed and took what they wanted. Those people had slaves too. Slavery is the oldest business in the world & still going on today. Every culture has been a part of this. Sad but true. That is history.

    1. +KLEVARE LLC Thanks for reminding all of us that MSM has the agenda of dividing and conquering us slaves. One year ago I gave back my box to Verizon. NO MORE MSM.

    2. +D Money You are absolutely right an i choose Trump cause Hillary is beyond evil.I didn’t vote for neither but thought DT was the less of 2 evil. An maybe not

  3. I`m norwegian and I can tell you that we are fearfull of your country too. You force us to have american military bases here. Lots of weird stuff has happened like the government selling all its gold dirt cheap so we don`t have any reserves and lots of other stuff. We are not scared of americans. We love you, but it`s almost like something very evil and tyranical is controling you and everything that is beeing done in your name. I am thinking of moving closer to Russia so that I have an escape plan just in case something happens. I guess that says a lot.

    1. I am so truly sorry. Most Americans are brainwashed, kept in the dark, asleep. We are all salves here.
      There really in no America.
      It all the one world agenda elect

    2. Most people around the world like Americans….they hate our government and that is totally justified. Man of us hate our own government…even the people who work for the government hate it!

  4. This has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with bible prophecy. It does not matter who is president. No one is Going to Stop God’s plan.

    1. Yes I would agree it doesn’t matter who the president is – all the agendas are already decided. Politicians are puppets for our masters. Trust in Jesus:)

  5. The American people are confusing living standard with democracy and freedom
    The majority of the American people would think thei are free in the biggest dictator ship and beliving that they are free

  6. TRUMP is an illumanati member born into it..gone to the same college that all his other fellow students went to..he’s a mason through and through.but in all name and titles all mean that he’s a luciferian like all the rest if the Elites

    1. +TheBloodg4life obviously if you think trump has never done good deeds to help a stranger, then you obviously dont know him that well, he has done many good things to help people he didnt have to, he didnt spray his good deeds all over the news like most people in politics do, just like a few others with money that helped others in a quiet way, elvis, prince, but there are people he helped that have told their stories

  7. With all the false school shootings is to ramp up the consfication. They want the people to beg for’s their plan to take all guns so that no one will be able to defend ourselves Against any so called terrorists..aka CIA criminals in action

    1. They won’t have to confiscate. By the time these kids graduate they will hate guns. People need to begin deeply understanding and become able to recognize social engineering.
      They don’t need force, they just need 12 years of “education “.

    1. +Felipe Gomez +Your assuming something which is another point of how stupid Trump worshipers are …I am not a Democrat..I did not vote for either one of them. hahahahaa why are you so mad? Do you know anything about cults? Does your little tiny brain do any research at all? Do you bother to check Trump out or are so desperate you eat up every moldy bone he throws at you? He is pure dam evil he would not even recite the Apostles Creed at Bush’s funeral…he signed bill HR 6157 on the 28th with Congress fully funding planned parenthood him being the Democrat that he truly is…by the way Trump has Apollo painted on his ceiling of his apartment that is on the 66th floor of the Trump Tower…all he does is lie and you worshipers are so brain washed and stupid you don’t even know what bills he is signing…NWO here we come and Trump will serve us up on a silver platter…cry baby.

    2. +Felipe Gomez , You idiots that wanted another idiot to run the country is why we are in this mess ! And you Hispanics always vote for someone that hates you, makes no sense to me, dummy!

    1. +Penny Wagner Oh you mean the false flag event where the white hats went in without hazmat suits on to clean up and assist the “victims” of sarin gas? come on….you believe that false flag event? really? The white hats had SANDALS on. Goyim are awake Penny.

    2. +John Jennings Why would they “take him out?” he is approving DACA, while touting to build a wall. Haa haa. He is granting millions/billions to usher in 5G to kill us all, nothing is being done about geoengineering weather modification/geoengineering experimental poisoning our air with barium, strontium and aluminum, he is doing nothing on all the monopolies that are continuing ie: Whole foods and Monsanto GMO, he is doing NOTHING to protect our FREEDOM of SPEECH on line/internet. Giving hope and change just like all the other puppets.

  8. Jeff is clearly out of touch with God and reality. Trump is a Trojan Horse but not like this man explains. This is the truth. Trump is a Trojan Horse who is bringing people into government that would have never gotten in, had he not been elected. Because of the left none of these people would have gotten in, these being believers and conservatives. And clearly Trump is not in league with the Clintons, uf Jeff cannot see that he us blind and ignorant. Trump is dismanteliing the very NWO system in the US. Trump removed us from Iran deal, Paris Trade Accord, Nafta, lowered taxes, protecting borders, and many more moves that go against the vet system Jeff is warning us about. Be careful listening to thus guy he doesn’t see clearly.

    1. You idiot, the only thing he is dismantling is American hegemony and handing it over to Israel on a gold-plated platter. But I guess that doesn’t bother you because believers love to be slaves to “god’s chosen people”. The only thing more disgusting than the anti-christian zionist jews are christian zionist tools.

  9. I like Jeff and agree with a lot he says but 100% disagree with him on Trump. Trump is NOT a Trojan Horse…I have studied the Globalist New World Order and their plans for YEARS..10 to 12 probably. This evil Cabal has worked SO hard for years to destroy this nation with horrible trade deals, destroying our factories and jobs and adding heavy regulations giving us high unemployment and making it so difficult to start new businesses, setting up the media propaganda machine and turning Hollywood into their puppets of mind control, bringing in millions of illegals to get their votes and way heavy on our economy, creating and funding Issis and terrorism, getting Liberal judges appointed, getting their criminals in the highest places in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc etc… ……. NO WAY one of their own would be destroying all that hard work like Trump is…Obama only talked about helping America but he did nothing.. Trump is doing what he said. Just because you attend some of these Globalist meetings does NOT mean you are with them.. Sometimes you need to go to be aware of what’s going on. And if you’re invited you should go to see for yourself what goes on in these meetings.. Trump has stopped the TPP treaty its tracks. They worked so hard to pass that for the North American Union. Boom it’s dead now. He has put a bullet in NAFTA, the Paris Accord, The Iran Nuke deal, He has decimated Issis in 6 months, he has stopped the PLANNED flow of millions of Muslims and illegals into our country, he has brought jobs back big time, the factories are returning, he has made a mockery out of the media and Hollywood. Their precious propaganda mouth pieces, he has appointed more Conservatives Judges than any Pres in history. He is protecting and supporting churches and Christians like never before. They are Luciferians. They REALLY hate that. He is going after the Intel Agencies and firing a bunch of their cronies. He is making peace not war.. He has had our forces arrest hundreds of child sex rings which is the Cabals way of getting these children to assault and sacrifice them. ZERO, ZERO chance Trump is working with these evil World Banking Globalist.. Now the last 4 Presidents were..In fact JKF, Reagan and Trump have been the only ones that weren’t… #MEGA Don’t be on the wrong side.. Trump needs our support.

    1. If you cannot see that trumpet is a puppet for the elites, then you are really asleep and fully brainwashed! Wake up, ALL presidents are chosen, NOT elected, and they are not chosen by us!

    2. +Sonia G OMG, you are another dumbed down American! Trump is a puppet for the elites, he does what he is told . All presidents are chosen, not elected, and they are chosen out of their club, that includes obama

    3. Look up a good video or on the net “The American Corporation.”* Follow that with the meaning of the “Gold Fringed Flag”* found in ALL U.S. Courtrooms. Notice, I did Not say American Courtrooms. You will be able to start connecting the dots from there. If you need more look up new laws & acts passed in 1871 and 1933. Read & weep like so many of us who stumbled onto this info. I did by not understanding a news commentator mentioning the gold fringed flag in relation to a speech Trump gave late last summer, maybe September. I looked it up, was shocked so began following the breadcrumbs. What our Birth Certificates signed by our parents true meaning is another important piece of the puzzle. Wish it weren’t so but, Trump is merely the current CEO of America Inc. Good luck

    4. Well, you wrote this 4 months ago…what do you think of Trump now? Trump has totally sold us out to the globalists..he is a puppet of the oligarchs and zionists….

  10. You know the people who are trying to enslave and kill you, you know where to find them, you know what must be one to stop them, you have the means to do so, and you do nothing? So who’s fault is it, theirs or yours? Evil men succeed when good men do nothing. If you are not part of the solution, you ARE part of the problem.

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