The Truth About Money, Banking and Government… And Why Crypto Could Change Everything

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Topics include: the origins of the current banking system, Warren Buffet and cronyism, central banks and inflation, origins of war, fiat currency and taxation, planned system collapse, gold, one world currency, military industrial complex, zombie citizens, staggering government debt, Bitcoin is free market money, Bitcoin unstoppable, a leap forward in human evolution, Trump and the internet kill switch, EMP attack and much more…

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28 thoughts on “The Truth About Money, Banking and Government… And Why Crypto Could Change Everything

    1. Jason Kvasnak yep. We are definitely beta testing the real thing that is coming. Everyone will be chipped to get their minimum wage payment and to protect their wealth. It’s coming but 2018 does seem too early at this point.

    2. joshspiker
      If that was true then don’t be a dumbass and buy it, the Rothchilds don’t want a currency that they can’t manipulate the supply of so crypto is useless to them.

  1. The massive amounts of currency have to go somewhere, hence why all markets are going UP.
    Invest in yourself and your family and your community, physical tangibility.

  2. Jeff I see things the way you say it, I feel I’m going mad as many successful (to current date) people around me can’t grasp what is happening or can’t see how manipulated we are across the globe. Have you had to overcome the same criticism from people close to you in your inner circle?? Thanks for your content it’s very much valued by myself I guess what I’m looking for is confirmation as I’m loosing confidence in my decisions I guess! and yes I was around bitcoin when it was 200 aud but was ignorant and listened to the same old negative bullshit from the likes of People you mentioned (even tho these people played a big part of me awakening my awareness as to the corruption of our system ) and the people in my inner circle of course are looking at me ridiculously still
    Your thoughts on my doubts would be helpful
    Thanks again

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