The Unaccountable Military Industrial Complex Is Destroying America and the Rest Of The World Too

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28 thoughts on “The Unaccountable Military Industrial Complex Is Destroying America and the Rest Of The World Too

  1. We (US) are screwed. The whole world is screwed. The luciferian “elite” (.001percent) know this and have designed it. They will scoop up the wealth after the collapse. Then will rule with an iron jack boot.

    1. Mitt Notned the US might be doomed but these thugs are cowards and are coming down the people are waking, and they are cowering as they are been found out. the good guys will win

  2. 2.3 & 10 trillion $ lost = The secret space program. Catherine Austin Fitts can shed light on where many of them went

    Making America/ the world great = disclosing the secret technologies

  3. This was experienced wisdom from a former five Star General, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during WW2 and a two term Republican president. Just maybe he knew of what he spoke. Trump just preposed a $54 billion increase in military spending at the expense of vital social programs that aid the needy.

  4. Jeff, as a former Infantry Officer (ARMY) and ATTACK DOG for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, United Fruit and the Petrochemical industry, just to name a few ……….I whole hardheartedly agree with you! General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in History, who authored “War is a RACKET” and prevented the overthrow of the American Government, by Prescott Bush and his BANKSTER buddies, just sent you his BLESSINGS!

  5. There must be the idiots who always thank US veterans for their service who disliked this video. Come and listen to his excellency, Jeff, u little lowlives.

    1. The veterans, especially among the enlisted, are mostly victims of this inhumane monstrosity. They may have volunteered, but they are defrauded by the pretenses put forth by the recruitment.

  6. rsalem78
    As palestinian born i thought we just been unlucky and unfortunate to be on the way of and crushe by “big nations ” elephants stampede .but it seems all nations eventually be screwed up. But deep inside believe that “they” build a nice dream at the expenise of some else mightmare.
    that where they fail and all these money spent will become a sorrow and fire eating them from inside. Trust God but do the right thing

  7. why aren’t americans protesting. proud to be an american? i’ve heard that crap all my life and i’ve been around awhile.there’s a saying, you have what you allow

    1. Berni Gagnon It has been my experience that people do what you let them. A nation of willfully ignorant people will breed the worst tyranny. Most of the control in western countries comes from the slaves themselves policing other slaves. That’s what I despise the most about living in Canada. That and the punitive socialist taxation, shitty weather, and bitchy uber entitled family court enabled women. Smartest thing I ever did was to stay away from Canadian women!

  8. Yes exactly, those who are in charge of America are concealing a lot indeed ! and ripping off your own economy. Those who did 911 are truely ghastly people, but they are in charge and they are running the legal system and the economy.

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