Time For Another Market Crash? Here’s How You’ll Know

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How will you know exactly when we are in a likely bear market for stocks? In this video we explain what the best research seems to indicate.

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41 thoughts on “Time For Another Market Crash? Here’s How You’ll Know

    1. +anil govind hahaha people now talk exactly the opposite of last years bullrun but now bearrun at the same time , last year many people said bitcoin will reach 40k easy , it did not , now many people say bitcoin will reach 1k easy , this wil not happen just because many people say it , it will turn against what most people say

    2. +only z you can better buy now it will not reach 1k , the bigg whales watch what most people say and they always let the opposite happen so most people miss out and they win , so bitcoin is dead you see appear more and more now , bitcoin will reach 1k you see more and more people say that , the more people say that the greater the chance it won’t happen , they wil pump it when no one expects it and many people miss out , just buy now and wait wait wait or you will probbablly miss out

  1. @Alessio Rastani:

    When you talk about a 16% drop in the stock market as a criteria for a bear market, does this apply only to the S&P 500 or also other indices like Dow Jones, FTSE, NASDAQ etc.?

    1. Good question. Typically it is both the S&P and the Dow Jones 30 index. But the S&P is the most important one in my view – as it comprises 500 stocks (as opposed to 30 in the Dow). thanks

  2. One YT taboo is to incorporate into PRAISE the contrasting approach of (for lack of a better word)…a fellow market prognosticator, but I am going to do it anyway. ON ONE HAND….we have, for example, often (historically) DEAD WRONG….an analyst who said last Friday, “the great bear market has begun, and there will be blood in the streets…”I GUARANTEE YOU….by the end of December”. This was actually broadcasted numerous times on CNBC. AND FOR ONLY $99.00….he will notify you when to very quickly short the S and P 500. What I respect about you is that you dispassionately JUST LET THE NUMBERS GUIDE YOUR THOUGHTS / PREDICTIONS. In my humble opinion, you are the “most level-headed guy in the room”.

  3. Guys keep in mind that these are high probabilities but only on PAST observable values. Future scenarios can always be different. Anyway thank you for your update and glad to see that your were right on the past 2 low “support” values for BTC. Let’s see now if we are indeed in wave 3.

  4. Traders who make predictions get rekt. Traders who wait for things to happen and then react dont. Stay away from systems of trading where people try guessing the future.

  5. One of the few trusted real professionals on youtube. Just started following you but I love your work. Clear, concise in your delivery. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to following you more.

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