Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-21) – BIP91 Lock in – Bitcoin Price Recovery

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Mainstream Media and the Bitcoin Price

Judge Blasts IRS Over Bitcoin Probe, Lets Coinbase Customer Fight Summon

Garza Pleads Guilty: GAW Miners CEO Cops to $9 Million Fraud

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17 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-21) – BIP91 Lock in – Bitcoin Price Recovery

  1. Guys can i make you a question i’m struggling to find the best place where to buy and sell bitcoin but there are too many sites all around some have some really high fees and limitations on how mutch you can buy and spend so can i ask you some suggestions or help .
    Some people told me if you don’t want to pay fee on the sell and you want to stay in the market for being able to buy again anytime to buy tether but i investigated on it and it seems a lot sketchy ( i’m from europa and i use master card) thank you guys for your help 🙂

  2. Im sure someone is going to create a coin called “bitcum” and put thomas hunt face as the logo for the coin. Just kidding. Thomas your a good man. Keep up the good work in the crypto space

    1. I really wanted to like Dash, and always enjoyed listening to Amanda B. Johnson’s commentary The Daily Decrypt, but alas Dash is deeply flawed.

      Tone Vays has a great (but unnecessarily long) video about Dash’s problems and you can google how PoS is currently weak in security[1] and how it might never be able to be very secure due to fake time manipulation.


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