Trump Admits To Being A Globalist And Continues To Act Like One Too

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46 thoughts on “Trump Admits To Being A Globalist And Continues To Act Like One Too

  1. Trump is a joke like all politicians a liar, deception is his mantra and his legacy will be one of destruction! Hopefully some how he falls on his sword soon.

    1. RebelTruthWhy dont you do something productive; for example countering the arguements in this video. You cant, so you have to resort to loud mouth tactics like your messiah.

  2. Haha…nice one Jeff.
    Trump is doing everything the people against Obama did not want, Americans are so dumbed down.
    It all makes sense when you stop buying into the political charade and learn to live your own life.

    1. you realize obama fucked america and all of it’s citizens in one good swoop of an extra 10 trillion in debt hanging over each and everysingle one of your heads. thats how brainwashed you are. you believe in people who are out to get you. your in Stockholm syndrome

  3. The really frightening thing is that all alternatives to Trump which have been presented by the so called pundits so far are measurably worse!

    1. thats irrelevant though, the “well theyre worse than i am, so you have to choose me” argument is a con artists argument, youre screwed either way, reject the offered choices, they arent real choices made by you.

    2. no, youre strawmanning what i said in order to avoid realizing the obvious truth about politics and the game these people play with the voters, you know theyre actually laughing at people in private about this entire thing. trump even told you “behind the curtain we are all old friends and go out to dinner together, we dont hate eachother.” the argument “well theyre worse than i am, so you have to choose me” is the argument that con artists in politics play in order to trick the public into participating, when they should be saying screw being screwed by both of these scumbags and the people who put them up there putting on this shitshow that they call an “election”.

    3. +Attack Helicopter : I thought of defining for you what a strawman is, but then I would be casting real pearls in front of artificial swine. So, while understanding your anger concerning the election, I will have to rest my case!

  4. why you are trusting this hopeless man .believe in jesus and call him as a savieor. they all are including pope also antichrist system.check his son in lows building no 666.

  5. Trump has claimed bankruptcy to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and if you think the U.S Globalist Fascist Bankers did not want payback in anyway shape or form then folks you are delusional……..The U.S Globalist Fascist Bankers ALWAYS get their money,Proof in point………2008!!, when everyone was losing there shirts the Bankers got billions in bonus’s.
    America has been had again!!!

    1. false false false. TRUMP IS #1 trump is good trump is all that is good and right. is light shines brighter than anything you can throw at him. he will not tolerate your incompetence and unwillingness to find and discover the true information in which you would see that Trump is here to help save us all from these globalists satanic pedophiles (MARK ZUCKER, JEFF BAZOS, HILARY CLINTON, BILL CLINTON, OBAMAS, ROTHCHILDS, ETC

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