Trump Backs ISIS As He Pushes US Onto Brink of World War III With Russia

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33 thoughts on “Trump Backs ISIS As He Pushes US Onto Brink of World War III With Russia

  1. I’m English, I don’t watch too much American media but I like “The Dollar Vigilante”. Your show with Jim Bell last year got me watching for the firs time. I’m a big crypto head. There are a lot of people in the US that just don’t want to hear this sort of stuff. I do, you have me hooked.

    1. Paula Green Hello, 35 year old from Los Angeles. I plan on visiting London for a few days but have noticed that there’s been some altercations recently. I’ve always wanted to visit England, it’s a great country and beautiful land but I do have one question? Should I be worried or should I just go and have a good time? Cheers

    2. I have not been to London for years. I’m in Cornwall which is like our version of Florida. You must visit, we don’t get worried over Terrorism, It was IRA before ISIS,… before that it was “Guy Fawkes”. Google “Guy Fawkes” if you do not know. People pull together here. The media make out is is worse than it is. But you know what the media is like. It will be an experience of a lifetime. Just don’t wear a Trump hat in London and you will be fine.

    3. What “premium services” would that be Lynx Star Automotive? I’m more of a “budget / free services” kind of Gal, I’m not frightened of terror, I’m too old to worry about the future. At my age, I don’t have a future. Tomorrow is a bonus, if i live to see it, that is.

  2. Trumps a Shill, he will continue their agenda.. He is the elite and the people behind ISIS and their ultimate goal is WAR, and we just let it happen lol… I wont do it, but Someone should kill off these politicians , trump, hillary and all the big names in politics..someone with nothing to loose should eliminate most of these Senators / House of Reps and etc… These motherfckers are a bunch of incompetent greedy godless sons of bitches…. Kill em off, think about it, No War/ No more Lies etc

    1. So did Ken O’Keefe but that doesn’t mean they are wrong about the US government, thats is the biggest scam artist on the planet just under Israel.

  3. Flat earth truth has the elite scrambling to shut down the internet and finalize their NWO agenda before the awakening masses decide enough is enough

  4. 1st of all president Donald trump did not create isis this all happened on Obama and Killary watch regardless if CIA or Israel try proving that you’ll be killed long before you make it to court
    Unless you have proof you need to be careful making accusations like that , remember you have kids and a wife all of this hypothetical accusations

  5. Satan’s vicar is kingpin of the “deep state” “shadow government” “Globalist cabal”
    which is been working for decades to end the “sovereign” nations and end the current world order.

    Alas Babylon – Alas NYCity – Alas America
    16 “…. beast which you saw will hate the prostitute;
    they will ….. burn her with fire. …..” Rev 17 “ ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’…
    Therefore her plagues will come in one day –
    ….she will be utterly burned with fire, ….
    ‘Alas, alas for that great city, that mighty city, Babylon!
    In one hour your judgment has come.’” Rev 18
    Satan’s Pope-led Globalist will cause nuking of NYCity and claim NYCity was “Babylon” of the Revelation. Globalist will also cause nuking of other cities.
    Likely some nukes will be pre-planted like charges were pre-set at WTC 9/11.
    Vatican is “Mystery Babylon” of the Revelation.
    Vatican’s destruction by fire is a few years future.

    See Vatican’s FAZZINI sculpture named “Christ rising from nuke bomb crater”
    Pope-led Globalist goal is to end all “sovereign” nations & end current world order.

    1. “I heard ISIS means I.srael S.ecret I.ntelligence S.ervice ….IDK”

      Exactly! And do you know who created Israel? Mr.Rothschild, and he has trillions unofficially located in Israel for which purpose that country was created as a storage of his wealth…Star of David is nothing but 2 pyramids, his symbol and that of the illuminati….

  6. How can this channel, who support conspiracy truths/theories, talks of the deep state running our government, of the elites manipulating the market, etc… and then make the comment that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11. They most definitely were NOT behind the 9/11 attacks but were mere pawns and used by the real people behind 9/11. I love the channel but I dont like the fact he used a false statement to support his views in this video. Maybe I am being too technical as he probably meant they took part in the 9/11 attacks.

  7. how is trump responsible for syria fighter jet down. The fighter jet was going to drop a bomb near us officials and backed milita who was attacking isis members. The us army sent many warnings telling them not to engage because american special ops and backed milita on the ground. they also open up a hot line through russia telling them what’s happening.

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