US War Of Terror Continues On With Syrian False Flag Attack

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35 thoughts on “US War Of Terror Continues On With Syrian False Flag Attack

    1. Or read Rebuilding America’s Defenses (Project for a New American Century) to understand that the entire global agenda is to gain complete control of resources and military suppression of potential competitors for those resources.

  1. I would put my life savings that this gas attack was the rebels, this whole war has nothing to do with Syria and has everything to do with the USA trying to destroy Russia’s Monopoly on the gas in Europe, Assad must go so Saudi Arabia I can destroy Russia’s economy, Assad must be seen as the Boogeyman and as such the USA and Europe will paint him as one.

  2. Jeff, I have to admit that you were right about the Donald. Always had my doubts, now they’re gone. It will be a short run for him, as now the American empire is on in its way out !!!!!!!!!!
    Or in the game of chess , Trump just lost the Queen and he positioned him self in a corner.

    1. dtzman – how can any critically thinking adult with Internet service think they would set anyone but a globalist in the Dark House.
      The absurdity of the adults with child minds is deafening !

  3. Another good one Jeff you are a wise man. How come everyone calls me a conspiracy nut and won’t believe me when I tell them about the stuff you always talk about. Man it’s like orwells 1984 everyone trusts mainstream news or they only care about baseball. I get so depressed sometimes it really makes me sick. Bunch of dumb beer drinking bible beating sheep

    1. What happened to Libya’s gold after Gaddaffi was killed? Where did it go? To whom? Does anyone know? It’s certainly not being pumped back into Libya to re-build the cities that USA bombed the hell out of. Rumor has it that the Clinton Foundation has it stashed or divided up but it’s hard to get the truth on these roaches who lie through propaganda media and blame Russia when their email info is leaked.

  4. Thanks to you Jeff and your team. This is a fantastic video. I hope you keep up with this type of REAL NEWS. Jeff Rense has interviewed Ole Dammengard who investigates staged hoaxes and it helped me see how they are pulled off. Before hearing this interview i just could not imagine how staged hoaxes are perpetrated on and believed by the public. I would say that ‘it’s bigger than we are’ but now that i see it, maybe i can help others to see it. Such good work you do.

  5. No central banks in Syria. Trading outside the dollar ? = U.S. will use sanctions or bomb.
    How stupid can people be today.
    Obviously,… very.

    1. So they’re going after those countries but these youtubers think they got the jew bankers on the run. Why are they able to keep going after these countries? Every decent American should be sick of the garbage we elect as president.

  6. All presidents since JFK have been puppets. Trump has lost his war against the Deep State. What these people did to JFK was a worldwide warning that this can happen to you if you don’t march to our orders. The Donald fears for his family and only now realizes how dangerous the Deep State really is. From now on, the slide is all down hill. New boss = Old boss. No real difference. Our votes have all been in vain.

  7. How does this video title and content square with a recent video saying that “The Good Guys Are Still in Charge?” Seems like Damien Thorn and his Zionist handlers have blackmailed Trump into doing what Hillary would have done had the Queen of Evil won the White House. Trump is now controlled by the One World Government’s umbrella group, The Committee of 300, who want World War III and the reduction of mankind to 500 million people. Trump is being played and has lost his independent mind. Should we start calling Donald, Trillary? Seems appropriate.

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