We Are On Verge of The Greatest Depression In History – Jeff Berwick and Dustin Nemos

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We Are On Verge of The Greatest Depression In History – Jeff Berwick and Dustin Nemos

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Jeff is interviewed by Dustin Nemos, topics include: Austrian business cycles, current state of the economy, central banking and inflation, we are in the biggest bubble now, debt backed fiat, the destruction of the economy, preparing for the crash, putting your house in order, assets and crypto on sale right now, perils of the crypto market, retirement funds, rising interest rates mean falling bonds, self directed IRAs, the permanent traveller lifestyle, flag theory, governments are crime gangs, one world government, economics and capitalism, Anarchapulco 2019

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39 thoughts on “We Are On Verge of The Greatest Depression In History – Jeff Berwick and Dustin Nemos

  1. We HAVE been on the “verge” of a financial catastrophe for many years (at least 10). But never forget that they can keep the criminality going for longer than most people can remain solvent. That is what happens in a lawless society. Read ’em and weep.

    1. Yep
      Everything necessary for living ie food, medical, car to and from work, place to live goes up in price about every 2 to 3 years. …
      Grocery store prices are now sky rocketing as well as rent for most. Homeless working class now on the streets of many US cities. The US will be as Venezuela in a few years it seems… But the sleeping still believe America is free, and doing great…..amazing how dumb the modern world is…

    1. +ewmism Bitcoin is a fraud, Bitfinex allowed compounding trading of BTC with Tether to make $1 Tether worth $1000 Bitcoin. When the fraud is discovered, the cryptos will go back to their intrinsic value (zero).

    2. +sam can’t / won’t go on forever . . Would rather hold an asset with a history like Gold/Silver than a speculative computer code with thousands just like it lol.

  2. At some point humans will understand that its monopoly you all are playing! The real issue is you keep thinking stones, and paper hold the value. They don’t! You hold the value! You exchange things! Therefore, the game continues! The real issue is they place no value on you, nor do they give you any of the paper! The tenants of exchanging paper or digital credits for items made by others will continue. Because people want thibgs made by others! In a true democracy the people are given paper so they can exchange. There is no shortage of anything.

    1. Is complex at the end; I think the idea is to live every fucking day; exercise what you like, drink wine, have fun and forget about this manipulators; they live for that; my question is; are they really living a happy life? I’m not sure

    2. Right on life on the hybridized plantation really and if the consumer slaves stop consuming and working for paying debts/paper guess what ? Stop cooperating with the slave massers and your freer but not many people truly are willing to give up convenience and the delusion of being free hence do not want to be free really.

  3. Yes, you can hold the metals in a self direced IRA. You have to put it in an LLC. Not very hard to do. You just need to find a company to help. I’m sure the one you mentioned can do it. Thanks for everything

  4. The best thing about Crypto is that can be transferred easily and fast, not sure what cryptos will survive but the concept is greater than any other asset you can think off, probably better than land, which to me is about the best investment ever.

    1. Amen!

      I have more money tied up in Silver than crypto but I understand that after the economic crash crypto will be needed to transact especially when Silver goes over $1000/oz. At that price it will be impossible to be used to buy day to day low cost items with Silver, and impossible to transact over the net with Silver.

  5. The purpose life is not “happiness”.This idea is the thinking of harlots passed onto their children and to the brainwashed spiritual zombies that are the products of the American school system[communist core]..Harlots that persist in that thinking will not inherit the Kingdom of God.The true purpose in life is to love the Lord your God with all heart soul and mind.When jeff Berwick says that being prepared for the future is more that material things he is exactly right.

    1. Amen !!!

      “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” – Philippians 2:12

      Sadly in these Dark End Times the majority believe they are “entitled” to everything including Eternal Life.

    2. +grasshopper78 The hellhole of murder and suffering was created by MEN like Cain who were willing to murder to get their own way.Again by Nimrod who made the first government and sought to dominate every person.Jesus’burden is light to carry.I hope you find a way out of the hellhole created by evil men.

  6. Regarding capitalism in America…we have crony capitalism where big corporations bride to politicians so they can control everything and loot the population and crush all competitors.

  7. I bought into cryptos last Summer, during a dip, similar to what is happening now in cryptos. People had a gift handed to them because when I was buying NOBODY knew anything about cryptos. If you aren’t picking up Cardano and Stellar/Ripple etc at THESE prices…you are crazy. I just put in another order for some gold and mostly silver to pick up later today. I know we are close to the end so I started to buy gold and silver just before Summer and saved half my cash to dollar cost average down, if the prices went lower. So, I am taking my last batch of cash to buy more today (need to wait for the truck we drive to arrive home as I can’t carry this on foot) and then I will just wait. Selling some properties over the next few months so if that happens, I will invest more in metals. Get some if you don’t have any. I’m running out of safe places to store this so I’ll be getting another fire proof safe today, as well. I have no money in the stock market and haven’t since last year.

    1. Bigd Hehe I know that… Fiat will continue dying as crypto rises. To not make money while there is a unique period of time to do so would be fiscally irresponsible… Crypto as the sixth investment category is huge and will be flooded by institutional money. Currency will be digital before we know it and paper money will be something you pull out of an old shoebox to show the grand kids.

    2. Levi Homes because she is really not a she. Maybe a fake name and photo and really its some broke dude sitting in his mommas basement in his underwear playing battlefield and watching crypto charts??? Just a possibility…???

  8. On the other hand, people have been saying a crash is coming forever. It’s always folks whose business is tied to precious metals, folks like Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff. I think the best approach is to make reasonable provisions, have necessary skills, learn alternative medicine, be fit and then forget about the SHTF essentially. If not, you could lose your damn mind.

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