What They Aren’t Telling You About The Yield Curve – Mike Maloney

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Get Mike's book for free here: Join Mike Maloney as he reveals an important factor of the partial Yield Curve inversion that is being ignored by mainstream news and media. Then stick around to the end of the video to see yet another indicator that is suggesting a huge change in markets could be upon us… If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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63 thoughts on “What They Aren’t Telling You About The Yield Curve – Mike Maloney

    1. +Zero Hour Why do you think they are getting so desperate to control us in global scale? They know their system is failing. Which mean we are doing something right, maybe it global awakening, realization of truth of economy. So before that happen, they want to create chaos to bring the situation under their control, maybe it will be economy collapse or any global false flag event but it need to be global impact. Bring order in their system of control through chaos, order our of chaos. Every system need input for output and that is their biggest flaw, their is no failsafe system. We can bring it down. So what ever right thing we are doing, we must not stop it. I will still say this to you, have hope and courage 🙂

    2. +Robert Watson Dear Mr. Robert I can only tell you one thing, I have read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and “Silent weapons for quiet wars”. You have a wonderful day.

    3. +Whipsaw I believe Bible is very complicated book full of codes and mathematical equation which are very precise like mathematics and I am very fascinated by it. I believe one should draw knowledge from all the ancient philosophy because humanity was not established by one culture or race but as whole, we all are same people but we live as different and divided. In Buddhism there is saying that if you draw knowledge from only one philosophy or culture it become rigid but if you take from all, it become complete and whole to understand. We are all connected by this ancient knowledge and elites know this. Boundaries in religion, nation, race and culture is very important but boundaries in knowledge is not, it belong to all. As a whole knowledge in complete form can set humanity free, only this can defeat elites and their control. I believe Buddha, Jesus, they were enlightened being who were guiding humanity to understand this.

      If you must pray to the god to fix this world, then ask for a courage and hope because we are going it to need it to fix this world. My God is my guidance, my hope and courage for my people to face unknown evil.

    4. +Asami Hara No, thats the common misconception. Its all a planned collapse to usher in their system. Trust me, they engineer the crash then bring you the “solution” and this has been the case ever since 1910s, after going from a gold standard, to a semi-gold standard, to fiat and next is electronic. It’s always been about total control and they have all the necessary measures to see all transactions now. I mean, crypto is supposed to be anonymous yet, you STILL need a social security, photo ID, and personal info to use it. Its all a lie.. garbage. Nothing is secure or anonymous.

    1. Ques: What [Mike & others] aren’t telling you about the [real] yield curve [inversion] to be worried/cognizant of??
      Ans: Its the 2 yr & the 10 yr that needs comparison and focus upon. Study it out.
      We’ve had many “near inversions”….but “near” doesn’t count, except in “horseshoes.” All the other yrs are MSM “fodder” to discuss and to sell news/ad time….as well as other instruments “pump n dump” fluctuations.

      Ask any /GC, /SI, or /CL trader. They’ll tell you about the BS that goes on, and has been going on ever since mkts have been around.

    1. +Everything Is Rigged I can’t believe people don’t question what their told… How ironic? The same people use that saying to compare Nazis “just following orders… Don’t question what you’re told…” and that’s how the “Holocaust” happened. I dare say again… What a bunch of duplicitous Hypocrites.

    2. +ArkOmen1
      Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. It’s called a DELOUSING AGENT for a reason. If you watch “David Cole Goes to Auschwitz” or go to Auschwitz yourself, you will discover that the so called “Gas Chambers” were retrofitted AFTER THE WAR, lacking the proper gaskets around lighting fixtures which would have exploded if cyanide met with a burning filament of a light bulb. The chambers have wooden doors, there’s a severe lack of crematoriums to have cremated all the corpses which is why like I’ve already said THEY REVISED THE NUMBERS AT AUSCHWITZ down from 4 million to just 1.1 MILLION. They even installed a plaque at Auschwitz in the 1990’s stating the new revised numbers from 4 million to 1.1 million. If they lied for well over 50 years about the 6 million figure how much water does the story hold? Cyanide oxidizes the iron content in red bricks too, which the “Gas Chambers” were made of red bricks and would have turned them BLUE ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Where’s the Auschwitz Bricks ® in their Tourist Attraction? Not to mention all the other WORK CAMPS that were supposedly Death Camps? Where’s THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF OXIDIZED BLUE BRICKS? Cyanide turns corpses bright pink especially along the extremities and THERE’S NOT ONE EYE WITNESS ACCOUNT OUT OF ALL EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS WHICH DESCRIBES BRIGHT PINK CORPSES!! The Nuremberg Trails produced confessions from Nazi officials which were carried out under duress, torture, and the killing or torture of themselves or any surviving family member of theirs to elicit a particular narrative.

      On top of all that there’s the German Enigma Encryption system which the Allies couldn’t break until the British decoded it, intercepting EVERY GERMAN TRANSMISSION for a number of years. They even recently made a movie a couple years ago named “Enigma”. There’s NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE from these intercepted transmissions that Hitler or Germany ever signed off on “The Final Solution”, NOT ONE!!

    3. +Adam Jacob
      Better to check your privilege rather than your mailbox… See how annoying that is? It’s just as annoying when liberals say check your “white privilege” but seriously. If you’re Jewish you should know about “The Birthright to Israel”, valued at over $6,000 and funded by us stupid goyim as US TAXPAYERS. A Taglit-Birthright Israel trip includes airfare from major cities, hotels, most meals, all transportation within Israel, and costs associated with touring the country for the ten-day trip. Check your Jewish Privilege my fellow (((Chosenite))). Not to mention the billions in US aid to Israel so they can murder even more Palestinians. It’s all funded by the taxpaying Goyim of The United States of America. You could go there and learn more about just how racist Talmudic Rabbis are and hopefully become a self-hating Jew just like the Genius Chess Champion Bobby Fischer became after discovering the same thing I’ve mentioned in all my comments… I don’t hate Jews, how could I? Afterall, it was Jews like David Cole (((Stein))), Bobby Fischer, Brother Nathaniel, Benjamin H. Freedman, and Christopher Jon Bjerknes who gave me a clear conscience while diving down this rabbit-hole. I’m eternally grateful for that my fellow (((Chosenite))).

    1. +Ian RJM But if you’ve been following Q, what time do you think the market makes the switch and everything becomes expensive? And how do you know it’s going to be cheaper next year?

    1. you like losing money? because if you had been putting your money where your mouth is for the past 7 years with mike maloney, you would have lost alot of it

  1. This time the bubble is so big because the central banks have bought stocks with funny money. Swiss National Bank has bought APPL like crazy. Where does iit get the money from to do this?

    1. +Jack Black “They work hard, 24/7 unlike you, lazy” they have been printing vast amounts of currency and this is your answer? Completely naive.

      have you been under a rock … how do banks create wealth directly? they are just conduits of wealth flow

  2. Totally Awesome Video! I learnt more in 12 minutes than in countless hours of watching other videos! Yield curve explained and understood! Now I know whats going on and why!

    1. Labour, Skills and Employment are NOT WEALTH, unless you are a Marxist, or Socialist. Wealth is GOLD and Silver, and the withdrawal of your permission to Government or Corporation, by returning their Mail, Addressee Not Recognized, No contract.

  3. What the New York Fed needs to do is just increase the rate to 12.75% for two minutes at around one a.m. then drop it to -74%. That way [we] avoid any sort of financial instability. Easy Peasy ! You see, I have figured it all for them no problem. Cheers.

  4. Engineered crash. This is the last one for the US, because this time the dollar will be dethroned. Out with the old order in with the new world order that world leaders have called upon over and over. World government and world monetary system aka microchip. It’s all Biblical really, I mean you’d be foolish to think it’s anything but that. Never in world history has there been plans, agenda and technology to fulfill Revelations.

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