Why Trump’s Economic Justice Warriors Will Crash The US Dollar

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28 thoughts on “Why Trump’s Economic Justice Warriors Will Crash The US Dollar

  1. Never once did the founders envision the USA competing with other countries around the world with zero restrictions.
    Other countries manipulate their currency. It’s impossible to compete unless you as well devalue your own currency.
    Free markets from your perspective is suicide economics. No one has ever done it and it has never succeeded.
    I know you’ll disagree, so I’ll point your subscribers to your failed project in Chile.
    What was it even called again? I can’t remember, because I don’t remember failures.

    Further, the only people who fail to understand you’re undermining the truth of American History are people who lack critical thinking. You’re a Canadian who hates the United States. We’ve dealt with your type for more than century and it’s always the same story. You’re jealous of American exceptionalism. Well, too bad. We’re exceptional and it will always be that way.
    The USA is a light to the world.
    Edward Snowden said in an interview that he was willing to make a deal to go to prison in the USA just to get out of Russia.
    That says it all. The USA is wonderful and people want to come here
    Tourists from all over the world flock to the USA in large numbers every year.

    1. Russia is just fine. It’s a huge country and you could travel to other countries. Imagine being stuck in Cuba. The USA is not so wonderful. The interior is cold and hot. The North is cold and the south is muggy and hot and Fukushima is radiating the hell out of the West Coast. The only place worth living in the USA is from Maryland to Northern part of Florida. Europe has beautiful cities and not many blacks.

  2. Hilarious how the Sleeple Sheeple do not realize that the 30% trade tariff on China items is the same as devaluing the dollar by 30%, or inflating prices by 30%. Same for the Mexico 20%.

  3. Great video… you are the first independent media that I have seen mention that the true purpose of the wall is to keep Americans in. It has always been my opinion that a forced draft and some type of forced labor (hinted by Hollywood teen apocalyptic movies) were always the true motive of the wall coupled with it being a symbol that Trump could use to get people to rally behind him so he can lead them to the slaughter of WW3.
    Why doesn’t independent media mention that Mexico is the biggest silver producer in the world and that the communities around the the mining in Mexico are some of the poorest in the country….where is this wealth going?

  4. 1:00 If walls don’t work then why do people have fences around their back yard. Front doors with locks. Don’t they know doors with lock don’t work at all when someone can kick them in. This type of stupidity is sickening. It isn’t to stop 100.000% but it will stop at least 90%.

  5. Jeff no matter what Trump does the dollar is doomed and you know it.   Given the circumstances I believe he was the best choice to manage what is coming which he completely understands.    I also believe he is a lot smarter than you give him credit for.   If Killary had won, no matter what happens, we would be a thousand times worst off.    Also, regarding Trump’s wall, it will absolutely serve it’s intended purposes which are to help control the flow of drugs and control the flow of illegal immigrants into our nation.  Who would know the benefits of a wall than the boarder police and they absolutely want a wall..   Walls are very scriptural and useful to protect any nation’s borders.   I recommend the video by Jeff Rense & Catherine Austin Fitts – Brillient explanation of what Trump….and we…. are now facing.     It may help to give your listeners a different perspective on what our President is doing.    Christians, we need to keep our President in prayer asking God to direct his steps.

  6. the fact is, if we do nothing but trade and average national trade does not exist or continues to erode then that is only money in trade and cuts out the regular capitalist system , if you make it that way all we get is the ability to trade with massive taxation and trade all taxed and all numbered, this is making many regular americans very poor. we will tap our local resources and produce cheaper products by the means of fair un government regulations. this will make the dollar a national dollar and can very well force out foreign countries currencies which are being used to buy up our nation from the newly created poor and transferred to foreign interests which puts our entire freedom at risk.

  7. Total idiocy. Still pretending that deficits are nothing to worry about. It was this sort of lunacy that created the present mess and if the whole economy does indeed crash during Trump’s term it will not be his fault for trying to fix the mess. Not that I think Trump is a genius or even that sincere. But at least he’s not pretending that an ever increasing black-hole debt is a good thing.

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