Wikileaks Mocking US Government Over Bitcoin Shows Why There Is No Stopping Bitcoin

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45 thoughts on “Wikileaks Mocking US Government Over Bitcoin Shows Why There Is No Stopping Bitcoin

  1. Laughing at tyrants.
    The state is out of date. It’s a zombie… It’s the walking dead.
    Now with Hillary’s cousin, the big orange idiot in charge of the corporate empire, it’s like live action satire.

  2. I have bitcoin but no intention of ever spending it as it is. I’ll be swapping it for z cash or whatever is around in 5 years that can’t be tracked before I spend it.

  3. Haha, wouw, but governments and central banks came up with crypto’s in 1996. How would you know you aren’t suckered into the new world government money system? Digital currency under government/bank control is what is the goal. No Jeff, I see no critical thinking on the subject itself. Bitcoins. I got them, a few, but is it salvation or the nail in the coffin???

  4. Jeff, why do you continue to attack the straw man version of opposition to cryptos while avoiding the substantive point (a point I’ve presented a dozen times if not more)? Does doing this make you feel “right”, “justified”, “smart” or “morally superior”?

    One more time (the short version): cryptos represent *THE* ultimate tool with which governments everywhere in the world will be able to establish enslavement of Orwellian proportions … it will be the ultimate control mechanism for all governments. For a guy that hates government as much as you say you do the only possible motive that you could have for pushing cryptos is the self interest of greed. Now answer this: what good will, say, $500 million in cryptos be in a society where you are 100% enslaved and controlled? Also, if you believe that the government is going to allow a private currency to remain in place and compete with theirs then you are nowhere near as smart as people think you are. The days of private currencies like cryptos are definitely numbered.
    Save this post so that when the day arrives you can read it back to yourself s-l-o-w-l-y. 🙂

    1. withoutexcuse2011 I find your comment thought provoking and very interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe to consider all different viewpoints and in the end be wise when decisions needs to be made, otherwise one can only be considered a “slave” of a different system, but still a slave.

    2. Louis — The truth is I hope that I’m wrong. But I’d bet all that I own that I’m not wrong. Soon, very soon (between now and the end of 2018) I expect to see these things happen. My complaint is seeing certain people actually helping the criminals to achieve their objectives all because of greed. Boy, are they going to be sorry! It’s like many people that helped Hitler achieve power – later they regretted it with every fiber of their being.

    3. withoutexcuse2011 – Your defeatist view is too shortsighted. Due to the Internet they lost the ability to control what we think – less and less Americans believe their media. That is HUGE and the election of Trump was only the first step of getting them exposed and eventually removed from power.

      Notice that the Internet has NOT been banned, even though it deeply undercuts their power. The same will happen with cryptocurrencies – it is a revolution on the level of the Internet. The first step was the freedom of information (Internet), the next step is the freedom from their financial control and large-scale scams.

      This is an information war first and foremost – when enough people in the military, police and even the local/state governments are informed, they will resist the power grab.

      The current elites are not all-powerful, they are just people too. And they are small in number. The more they lose their information monopoly, the more they lose their power. And then the center of their power (currency and money control) can be taken too.

    4. “defeatist attitude”??? Have you taken your meds today? Why do you make a comment about someone that you know **nothing** about? I am the least “defeatist” person that you will ever meet. However, I am also neither naive nor delusional. Pay the lady a buck and try again.

    5. Someone who expects everyone to be “100% controlled and enslaved” is a defeatist loser. And no, cryptocurrencies are not going away, it’s technically impossible and there will always be countries that don’t ban them – ensuring their worldwide survival.

  5. Mr, you have to be careful here, anything on the internet can be owned and bitcoin is not the exception. They want a one world government (with a one world currency) and bitcoin just could be the exception in the bank’s favor. I am a staunch anti government advocate and know full well they are our worst enemy, i know people in other countries wish for peace and dread war Like the majority of people all over the world it is a very tiny minority the prefers the latter.. Be we have to be vigil here and open our eyes, lets see how many of you wold drop their 50000% profit if they knew the government was behind bitcoin.

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