Will Trump Crash The System on Purpose To Restore Freedom – An interview with Bix Weir

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Jeff interviews Bix Wier of Road to Roota, topics include: the good guys are winning! Trump had to make certain unfortunate appointments just to get this far, Trump to free up markets, Trump to increase debt, Trump to pop the bubbles early in his term, tackle the Fed, end gold and silver price suppression, China and Bitcoin, paper trades vastly outnumber physical trades, Bitcoin derivatives, Mexico and silver, silver price determined by the comex and paper markets, silver greatly under valued, when the market turns paper will be dumped, this years TDV Summit in Acapulco, Mexico.

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44 thoughts on “Will Trump Crash The System on Purpose To Restore Freedom – An interview with Bix Weir

    1. +gldesmarais9356 “The Bible plainly teaches…” some people yes, it also
      appears to be nonsense to others. What you ‘believe’ or what you think you
      know due to a history of other people ‘believing’ the same stuff, doesn’t
      amount to knowledge.
      You feel like you’ve been taught, but you haven’t.
      A book like any of the holy books are filled with fantasy, history, some
      attempts at genealogy, and some prophecy. BELIEF ISN’T FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE.

  1. Follow this advice, your future self will thank you: GET ONE BITCOIN NOW
    (there are less than 5 million left over the next 100 years, when it
    reaches it max ever of 21 million, not counting lost coins). We will be
    using milibits to buy cars and houses. One full bitcoin may reach 1 million
    dollars each, no joke.

    1. So have you ever heard of the 1859 Carrington Event? – a CME that totally
      destroyed most of earth’s energy grid at the time, it took decades to fix
      the damage and the losses were extensive, even in a time when technology
      was hardly depended on by the masses, mostly coal and gas.

      In this day and age if earth we to endure half the Carrington event, our
      society would be completely fk’d and bitcoin would mean absolutely jack.
      Only gold, gems and other precious metals never lose it’s value, only
      increase in value, once the manipulation is brought to a halt of-course…

      Lastly I would like to mention the fact that we are overdue for an event
      such as described, overdue for grand solar minimum (i.e. little ice-age
      1645–1715) and vastly overdue for a pole switch. I should not have to
      mention the extent of damage and loss of life due to the potential of a
      pole switch, why do you think the elites built so many underground bunkers
      and all the ancient civilizations built underground cities?

      As citations I will direct you to YT pages such as Adapt 2030 (for
      ice-age), Suspicious Observers (for CME and space weather) and as well as

      Good luck…

    2. I will use science in my favor and also get new tech invention skills;
      something that any currency backed on any value material can´t buy …good
      luck to you too bro.

    3. I agree with you, I would invest in silver, gold but also Bitcoin (in case
      this solar flare doesn’t damage the internet in my lifetime and 1 BTC is
      worth a lot).

  2. This MORON was just on Greg Hunters channel!!!! He’s been wrong about
    EVERYTHING!!! I won’t even bother watching that moron. And Jeff you
    SMOKESTACK you need to quit that habit.

    1. yep, the crypto ‘currency’ or ‘coins’ or ‘tokens’ etc are here to make a
      change in many ways.
      notary public, real estate titles, anything that needs to be recorded
      and/or stored with an immutable time stamp benefits from blockchain tech.
      It’ll be very ubiquitous very soon and *I predict* there will still be some
      poop pooing BTC when the price is at 10G or more. “Bubble !!” … ha ha !

    2. Sigh, you are slow. Fiat is still WORKING. If someone makes a gain in it,
      and converts the “fiat” gain into hard silver, you are still twiddling your
      thumbs on a point that is irrelevant.

  3. Bix weir really looks like a naive guy. Come on Bix, jump into the anarchy
    wagon and take off that made in China US shirt.. Forget about the good guys
    bad guys nonsense. Wake up and join us, we will give u a brand new handmade
    anarchist shirt.
    The only change u r gonna see under trump is world war3.

    1. Let’s not forget Bix’s moronic chant that we’d be so much better off if
      Trump had picked Bernie Sanders as his VP running mate. Yah, right.
      Wouldn’t that have been special. We could have every Nazi Socialist Bernie
      supporter gunning for Trump right now. Obviously Bix never read Trump’s
      “The Art of the Deal”, let alone Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. In other
      words, war has very little to do with battlefield tactics and everything to
      do with deception. Trump isn’t stupid and if you think you understand what
      Trump really wants based upon what Trump says he will do, think again.

    2. they have already successfully conflated and confused the word anarchy
      (with the masses that is), and half the the anarchists think syndicalism is
      non violent lol

  4. i thought the shemita was going to crash everything in 2015 then 2016 now
    the video says next couple of years???? this means the crash is coming.. in
    the year 5079

    1. yeah..i have severe doubts about TDV. They keep coming up with all kinds of
      outrageous insinuations about what MIGHT happen. Just to get you scared and
      take a subscription with them….

    1. he believes on some things and he does what he believe in.
      Like buying bitcoin and wait for its appreciation.

      now bitcoin has gained a lot of value. so you see jeff less tensed.
      I would say don’t just listen to one person. Listen to many and analyze how
      the economy will move in future.

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