World Crypto Network celebrates 1,000,000 Views!

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34 thoughts on “World Crypto Network celebrates 1,000,000 Views!

    1. @1:16:30 Thomas said “don’t know if we’re mainstream – I think we’ve just been around for a long time”
      Reminded me of a Jerry Garcia quote “musicians are like prostitutes, if you’re around long enough you eventually get some respect”
      .. one of my faves!

  1. Missed the live, but the Manchin Bitcoin ban following on Mt.GOX reminded me of one of the fundamental modus operandi of gov’t or authority: “Kick ’em when they’re down!!!” Always worth remembering! So don’t ever be down. (Many animals know this instinctively too btw.)
    Otherwise, a very fun show! – and congrats on 1 mil. !

  2. what happend on gox??

    the trading machine had a blib, acounting 100.000 btc to one of the traders trading in the very moment the trading mecanism went “tilt”.

    Remember Karpeles claiming “we still have the new trading code! mtGox still has value and asset!”

    mtGox .. the pinnball wizzard of the bitcoin era ..

  3. This comment is directed @ Thomas & the whole WCN crew.
    You’d NEVER see a ‘look-back/anniversary/celebratory’ type show on any MSM ‘Fake News’ Network…EVER..PERIOD!
    Why not? Think about it?? Yup that’s right, the sham/agendas would be made clear to the zombie masses & they’d wake up EVEN QUICKER to the agenda filled scams they’re trying to promote/sell all the zombified viewers.

    Yet when a truthful, genuine, integral network like WCN has an anniversary, it’s more about the growing pains of amateurs slowly becoming ‘professional’ @ their craft w/ NO agenda speaking TRUTHS that will ENDURE millennia online.

    Thank You WCN & all its supporting cast. May you all live long & prosperous lives. Prosperous as in TRUTH JUSTICE KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM yet not necessarily financial. The financial will be as a RESULT or FRUIT of your integrity.

  4. Great show and an interesting retrospective. I’ve been bitcoin since 2014 but somehow didn’t find the WCN show until earlier this year. Look forward to a productive and entertaining future, thanks!

  5. Ive been watching the “MtGox Saga Continues – Update 25 Feb 2014” video after seeing the clip here and it’s just so disappointing that not only have people not learnt their lesson but things are just getting worse.

  6. Vortex states (17:48 ) “we don’t promote shitcoins on WCN”. So why is Theo always plugging PepeCash? Double standards? Or are we watching a bunch of Pepe Whales promoting their own agenda?

  7. i am so thankful that i stumbled upon this show amd all of you guys back when i got into bitcoin. had i not, my road would be unguided and much less educated.

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