You Can Relax! Steve Mnuchin Peers Through Ft. Knox Window And Confirms Gold Is Still There!

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31 thoughts on “You Can Relax! Steve Mnuchin Peers Through Ft. Knox Window And Confirms Gold Is Still There!

  1. 95% of the people I know personally dont own gold, silver or cryptos….
    And I’m not going to even think about telling them its a good time to buy… They will laugh at me… Maybe I deserve to be laughed at…

    1. I´m pretty sure that crypto is a good investment. However the best investment is to invest in your self. In your own skills with which you make feel better or you can help other people. (Which gains weahlth).

  2. I voted for Trump for one reason: to see a long list of criminals behind bars. As time has gone by I had less and less confidence in Trump. When he appointed Mnuchin and many other high-ranking ex-Goldman Sachs criminals I knew the game was up – Trump is NOT one of ‘us’ — he is one of ‘them’. My hopes have been dashed to pieces. The criminals are in full control.

  3. This ruse is like waving a muleta that screams “We have no gold!” This is part of the cabal’s blueprint for an economic implosion. Prepare accordingly and keep the faith. John 3:16 peace

  4. “Glad gold is safe”  doesn’t even IMPLY that he saw ANY inside Ft. Knox…just that “Gold is Safe”… H—! we KNOW gold is safe…WE WANT to know if WE own any!!!

  5. this is a joke. the US govt is a joke. the real enemies of the americans are the people who tell americans who their enemies are through their bogus and zero integrity jew controlled media. Look left if they tell you to look right.

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